Audits & Inspections

An essential component in any organization’s growth is their choice of business partners. Ensuring that these business partners adhere to the standards you and they have agreed to is an area that requires careful monitoring and constant attention.
We offer our core values of vigilance, alacrity and neutrality in observation. Our ingrained organizational habit of compulsive documentation helps you retrieve astute assessments of franchisees, off-roll centers and contractor workplaces whenever they are required.

We offer:

    Routine Inspections:

  • Our Field Inspector (FE) will visit the premises of your business partner and establish that process deliverables defined in their agreement with you are being adhered to. These visits can be scheduled on a regular basis to help document a timeline of compliance with contract & Scope of Work (SoW) terms.
  • Surprise Inspections:

  • No schedule will be given to the business partner. The visits will be organized on a random, un-predictable basis. These types of inspections can ensure your business partners know that an inspection can happen at any day of the year.
  • Infrastructure Audits:

  • The FE will be sent to check that the physical, technical & HR infrastructure promised to you at the time of contract negotiations is actually present. The FE will record his / her observations of all deviations and omissions from the standards you provide to us. The FE will also document his / her experience via photographs of the premises and collect documentary proofs from the business partner. These proofs may include proof of AMC, proof of purchase and service of equipment, attendance records etc.
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