Employee Background Verification

Today’s competitive business dynamics require you to ensure that you pick the right people. We help you make these decisions easier – with access to better information and simplified representation.
Some of the checks that we offer to help you make better-informed decisions:

  • Address Verification – Verify a candidate’s stay at their given address, including the continuity of the period of stay and type of residency.
  • Criminal Records Verification – Discover whether the candidate’s name is listed in multiple criminal record databases. When required, offline, get written verification from applicable police authorities.
  • Higher Level Court Records Verification – Uncover any instances of the candidate’s name occurring in the records of the various High Courts of India or even the Supreme Court of India for any subsequent appeals, escalations, judgments or writs. Find out the type of occurrence, whether the candidate was involved in a criminal case, or even if the candidate was active in filing cases for genuine reasons related to civic governance etc.
  • Educational Credential Verification – Get every educational claim verified in writing directly from the awarding body / issuing institution. Verify the authenticity of the qualification claimed by the candidate, and also the authenticity of the awarding body / institution.
  • Employment Verification – Unearth the truth behind the claims made by candidates about their professional histories. Get proof of positions held, roles managed, and any undisclosed reasons of departure from their previous employer. As an added benefit, receive proof of the authenticity of an employer, especially if the organization in question is not well known.
  • Reference Verification – Discover what former or present colleagues think about a candidate. Peruse a detailed listing of their professional and behavioral traits. Gain understanding of a candidate’s working style and help decide how their strengths can best be assimilated into your organization. Learn about warning areas or personality kinks that may affect their performance while employed with you.
  • Identity Verification – Guard your organization against corporate spies that rely on identity theft to obfuscate their real identity and possible ulterior motives. Verify that the person you are considering for a place in your organization is indeed who they claim to be.
  • Database Checks – Depending on your requirements, confirm that the candidate is not listed in databases that cover government sanctions, infamous mentions in the media, repositories of names of terrorists and terrorist organizations, or other critical databases.
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