Mystery Shopping

The biggest challenges to the development of a customer-first culture in an organization often stem from the sensitivity and dedication of the contact staff. Your on-location staff interacts directly with your customers and to have a true picture of what the customer thinks about your brand, a glimpse of what the customer sees and experiences is essential.

Some key benefits:

  • Take control, and discreetly discover how well the core business values and practices of your organization filter down to the levels closest to the customer.
  • Check how visible your brand is, and where it is placed in comparison to your competitors.
  • Find out how safe and clean the customer contact areas are.
  • Find out how well your customersare being treated by your business partners and those closest to them in your organization.
  • Turn the focus to the behavior and soft skills of your front-line staff. Help them improve their approach towards implementing the values of your organization.
  • Find out whether customers are happy, and willing to make recommendations or repeat purchases.
  • Discover whether employees and business partners make optimum use of the promotional material your organization provides.
  • Learn and improve the promotional material.
  • Quantify the problems in customer experience, generate accurate problem area maps.
  • Use our services to iron out the wrinkles in customer experience and the hurdles to a holistic, customer-first policy.
  • Learn how the ever-changing market dynamics are affecting your customer care plan and what you can do to stay ahead of competition.
  • Uncover just how assertive the sales staff is to pushing your product.
  • Learn how good the sales force is at clinching a transaction from a prospective customer.
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